6 Party Hosting Mistakes You Should Avoid


Hosting a memorable party can be a tricky task for the inexperienced event planner. Trying to juggle food, drinks, music and entertainment while keeping all your guests happy is stressful. Let us help you get it right by avoiding these common hosting mistakes.


Forgetting To Introduce Your Guests

If you have people coming to your party who don’t already know each other, make sure everyone is introduced. It can be daunting for guests who don’t know anyone to take care of the introductions themselves. Avoid cheesy “Hello My Name is" labels!

Overdrinking at Your Own Party

As the host you should be making sure that everything runs smoothly, so having a few too many can make you sloppy. Pace yourself and follow up every alcoholic drink with a glass of water.

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Not have a backup plan for an outdoor party

As we all know, Auckland weather can be pretty unpredictable no matter what time of year it is. We’d all like to cross our fingers and hope for great weather but it’s best to have a backup plan.


Not creating the right atmosphere

Whether you are at home or at a venue, a bad atmosphere can kill a party. Make sure you have the appropriate music and décor to suit the style of party it is.