The App That Puts Social Back Into Social Media


Tucked away in the heart of Kingsland, illuminated by the iconic green we all know and love. Heineken launched their revolutionary app that rewards app users with free beer, helicopter rides and even spontaneous trips around the world. The app can receive notifications and rewards users who are inside or near venues fitted with iBeacon technology. This technology has been pioneered in New Zealand and is set to be implemented worldwide very soon.

We were enlisted to keep industry legends, marketing gurus and other high profile guests topped up with icy cold Heineken while working closely with The Roaming Dive to serve their amazing food-truck creations throughout the night. Our 4 bar staff opened over 250 bottles and served close to 100 guests with delicious po-boys, buffalo wings and sliders. After the night our team packed up and returned the warehouse ready for business the next day. 

The Heineken Live App Launch event was executed successfully by overseeing: 

  • Staffing For High Profile Guests
  • Operations
  • Food & Beverage Management
  • Liquor Licensing

So cheers to another successful event, The Heineken Live App Launch

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