Here's just a few ways we can help you create your perfect event.


Staffing | Tailor-made Events | Functions & Events | Auckland, New Zealand

Our staff are your greatest asset. How customers are treated by staff is the difference between an average experience and an extravagant experience and it's how customers will remember your brand. If staff aren't really getting behind you, screaming from the rooftops about how amazing you are and really connecting with you on a fundamental level, your customers won't either.

Our staff just get it. They get people and they connect with people at a deeply personal level day in day out, so you know our staff will get you to your customers.



Catering | Tailor-made Events | Functions & Events | Auckland, New Zealand

Good food caters to the body, feeds the mind and nourishes the soul. It's one of the few things everyone needs on a daily basis and catering to that need can put you at the forefront of your customers mind.

Our Executive Chef has a lifetime of knowledge behind him, catering to Auckland's changing culinary cravings with creative and delicious seasonal and themed menus designed to delight their taste buds in fresh and interesting ways.



Operations | Tailor-made Events | Functions & Events | Auckland, New Zealand

The logistics of servicing tens of thousands of customers in a timely manner is crucial to ensuring customer satisfaction - nobody likes to wait.

Our experience in venue design and execution means we can advise you on how to avoid service bottlenecks, and we can even supply fully functional bars, furniture and all the other extras that can slip through the cracks like bar mats, openers, cleaning items and glassware.



Beverage Management | Tailor-made Events | Functions & Events | Auckland, New Zealand

It's a fine line between two little and too much, and either way can have disasterous effects for your event. Beverage Management is neither a science nor an art but a skill honed over thousands of man hours understanding how people drink and managing their beverage requirements.

We make beverage management easy - stock ordering, delivery, storage, stocktakes, accurate reporting, returns, damaged goods and refunds are only some of the hassles we can take off your hands, while others include point of sale systems, cash management, tills and EFTPOS, sales and financial reporting. You'll be amazed at how easy beverage management will be with us.



Liquor Licensing | Tailor-made Events | Functions & Events | Auckland, New Zealand

Liquor licensing has become an absolute minefield since the changes of the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012 came into law. If you don't know what you're doing, your liquor license could land you in hot water.

Not only can we assist you in getting your liquor license, but we can help with special license applications and can even streamline your license requirements as we already hold an offsite catering license. When it comes to liquor licensing, we're all you'll need.



"From the show organisers’ perspective – Functions and Events have been brilliant to work with.  They are outstanding in their organisation skills and their delivery at an event.  Everything that we discuss at the planning meetings simply happens and they go about their work with minimal fuss and a positive attitude. Functions and Events have been a pleasure to work with at the Big Boys Toys and we look forward to working with them at future shows, and other events." - Dean Wilson, Director, Big Boys Toys

"A qualified beverage manager was onsite, providing a effective back of house beverage processes whilst being responsible for all bars, consequently enabling the ability to serve a range of cold beverages to over 20,000 people on a hot summer’s day. We will not hesitate to use them again for any upcoming Festivals." - Carla O'Neill, General Manager, Avenue Event Management

"PRNZ has used Functions and Events on a number of occasions and the experience is always very positive. They are adaptable to a number of different formats, brands and scenarios and are always very professional and well planned in their approach. They provide staff that are highly capable. Functions and Events always take great care and attention to detail in what they do and offer a high standard of service at all times." - Elyse Matthys, National Account Manager On Premise, PRNZ

We will personally assist you along the entire process from ideation all the way through to reconcilliation ensuring that when your customers leave, they'll be telling every one they know about you for days and weeks to come. What are you waiting for? Find out what we can do for you today.